Published: 2022-10-17

Special Issue: Early Personal Ornaments --- Marine and Freshwater Shell Exploitaiton in the Early Upper Paleolithic: Re-Examination of the Assemblages from Fumane Cave (NE Italy)

Marco Peresani, Manuela Forte, Ermanno Quaggiotto, André Colonese, Matteo Romandini, Cristina Cilli, and Giacomo Giacobini


Special Issue: Early Personal Ornaments --- Settlement Dynamic and Beadwork: New Insights on Late Upper Paleolithic Craft Activities

Solange Rigaud, Sandrine Costamagno, Jean-Marc Pétillon, Pierre Chalard, Véronique Laroulandie, and Mathieu Langlais


Upper Limb Fossils of Homo naledi from the Lesedi Chamber, Rising Star System, South Africa

Elen M. Feuerriegel, Jean-Luc Voisin, Steven E. Churchill, Martin Haeusler, Sandra Mathews, Peter Schmid, John Hawks, and Lee R. Berger


CT-Based Descriptions of the Paranasal Complex of Sungir-1, an Upper Paleolithic European

Lauren Butaric, Ekatarina Stansfield, Alexander Yurievich Vasilyev, and Sergey Vasilyev


The Doring River Archaeological Project: Approaching the Evolution of Human Land Use Patterns in the Western Cape, South Africa

Matthew Shaw, Manuel Will, Sara Watson, T. Alexandra Sumner, Rosaria B. Saktura, Corey A. O'Driscoll, Shezani Nasoordeen, Jessica-Louise McNeil, Marika A. Low, Sam C.H. Lin, Brian Jones, Zenobia Jacobs, Ron Goble, Matthew Douglass, Anthony Dosseto, Sherrie Chambers, Natasha Phillips, Christopher J.H. Ames, and Alex McKay