PaleoAnthropology is a fully peer-reviewed, Open Access, online-only journal. There are no publication fees, and it is accessible free of charge to all. 

The journal concentrates on publishing high-quality articles on human evolution and related fields. It is now published jointly by the Paleoanthropology Society and the European Society for the Study of Human Evolution (ESHE), through the University of Tübingen Library. 

We accept manuscripts in the various fields of paleoanthropology (e.g., human and primate evolution and their chronological and environmental contexts, palaeolithic archaeology, paleogenetics). In addition to original research articles, short communications (e.g., field reports), review articles, book reviews and the abstracts of the annual meetings of the Societies, we accept commentaries in these areas. Special issue topics can be considered by the Editors. 

Articles may contain additional supplementary material (for example, extensive illustrations, or large data files).

More detailed author guidelines can be found here