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Taxonomic and Functional Interpretation of Associated Cercopithecoid Carpal Bones (KB 5378) from Kromdraai B, South Africa

Madison Rose, Mirriam Tawane, and Tracy L. Kivell


The Neanderthal Occupations at Veldwezelt-Hezerwater (Belgium) and the Challenge of the Eemian Forest in Northwest Europe

Patrick M.M.A. Bringmans


Hominin Occupation of the North-Central Caucasus During the Middle Paleolithic: New Results from Saradj-Chuko Grotto and the State of Research

E.V. Doronicheva, L.V. Golovanova, V.B. Doronichev, T.F. Tregub, V.A. Tselmovitch, A.S. Korzinova, Yu.N. Spasovskiy, A.G. Nedomolkin, and M.A. Volkov


New Additions to the Paranthropus boisei Mandibular Hypodigm from Koobi Fora, Kenya

Lucía Nadal, Louise Leakey, Meave Leakey, and Marta Mirazón Lahr


Comparative 3D Shape Analysis of the Iwo Eleru Mandible, Nigeria

Katerina Harvati, Chris Stringer, and Caleb Adebayo Folorunso