Introduction to the Special Issue Special Issue: Niche Construction, Plasticity, and Inclusive Inheritance: Rethinking Human Origins with the Extended Evolutionary Synthesis, Part 1

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Robert Acio Benitez
John Murray
Susan Antón


This is the first part of a special issue on niche construction, plasticity, and inclusive inheritance in the context of the extended evolutionary synthesis. In this part there are seven contributions:

Benitez, R.A., Murray, J.K., Anton, S.C.: Introduction to the special issue: niche construction, plasticity, and inclusive inheritance: rethinking human origins with the extended evolutionary synthesis, part 1
Lala, K.N., O’Brien, M.J.: The cultural contribution to evolvability
Smail, I.E.: Community niches and evolution of generalist primates: a preliminary assessment of Plio-Pleistocene Cercopithecidae
Stock, J.T., Will, M., Wells, J.C.K.: The extended evolutionary synthesis and distributed adaptation in the genus Homo: phenotypic plasticity and behavioral adaptability
Sterelny, K.: Niche construction, cumulative culture, and the social transmission of expertise
Goodrum, M.R.: Reconceiving paleoanthropology in the era of the modern evolutionary synthesis
Tattersall, I.: Let sleeping syntheses lie

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