Obituary: In Memory of William Howard Kimbel (1954–2022)

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Shara Bailey
Amy Rector


Dr. William ("Bill") H. Kimbel passed away on April 17, 2022.  Bill was a much-admired and internationally renowned scholar of paleoanthropology, best known for his field work in Hadar, Ethiopia. His contributions to understanding the origin, evolution, and anatomy of Australopithecus afarensis and early Homo shaped how paleoanthropologists interpet the fossil record. With his regular work in the Ethiopia National Museum and Hadar, Bill also supported the community of students, scholars, and colleagues in Ethiopia. Through his research, public outreach, and student training, Bill’s scientific rigor has been a benchmark against which all paleoanthropological work is measured. He was a beloved colleague, mentor and friend who is deeply missed.

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